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RESCUE ME! - Help purchase equipment to rescue stranded and hurt snowmobilers, skiers, hikers, campers, and all recreationist at the Porkies.

Rescuing people in a 60,000 acre park and the surrounding forests is a tough job if you don't have the right equipment. Donate to help the Friends of the Porkies buy a side-by-side with snow tracks to rescue you, your friends, and people in trouble.

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$1,340 towards $27,000

Help the Porkies respond to "Rescue Me!" with the right equipment.

The Friends of the Porkies is fundraising to purchase emergency rescue equipment for Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The non-profit group has the ambitious goal of raising $27,000 through direct donations, grants, and events.

Your donation will help the Porkies' staff provide year-round emergency rescue services in both the park and the surrounding area. How? By funding the purchase of a Polaris 900XP side-by-side with removable snow tracks - definitely a four season rescue machine. For very remote locations, your donation will replace the Park's 20-year-old wheeled litter. Last November, to kick off the Rescue Me! campaign, the Friends purchased a rescue tent with a heater for the Park.

To raise the funds to purchase the rescue equipment, the Friends need the support of the local communities and visitors to the area. You can support this effort by donating today and sharing this site with your friends who ski, snowmobile, fish, hike, camp or anybody who enjoys getting outdoors.